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Love ❤️

These baskets are amazinggggggg and quite large, you can fit just about anything, extra storage for the bottom of your closet, the top of your closet.... wherever you wish... right now I have 2 of them one is the shorter version and one taller... the shorter version, I have my grand daughters toys and the taller version I have throw blankets and comforter bedding... they are so huge holds so very much I absolutely love them ❤️They can hold heavy items because they are so well made ❤️

Raquel Andrews

Addicting,can't have just one. Lots of uses.Attractive.

These types are baskets are addicting. When you don't want to use it, it folds down flat. There is always a use though for these baskets. Can't have too many, right? 
I am currently using this basket for dog toy storage.  Part of me thought, wow this is too nice for laundry, and too nice for stinky dog toys.. but I think just enjoy it wherever and in any way you can. I will see the dogs toys every day, and therefor see this basket every day. I love my dogs and all their stinky toys, so I love having their personal belongings in an attractive basket. Why not? :)

Sky is the limit on potential uses. This size and shape is idea though for laundry, for storing lap blankets, as an attractive catch all.

Chloe + Kai make some really nice woven baskets and ultimately it is a matter of picking out which size, style, and color is best suited for your needs.

Precise Disarray

Great quality, nice design and so versatile

I’m in love with this basket/ tote. It is better quality than expected and such a great value for the price.

It is thick and hefty and well made. The handles are strong and it stands up well. Due to it being folded while shipping it is taking some time decreasing and rounding out but I plan to stuff it tight to help.

No smell.

Versatile. I am using this in my living room to store blankets and pillows but I can see this as a toy tote or a laundry basket in other rooms.

Makes a wonderful gift.

Bryan A.

Very well made!

I have to say I am extremely happy and satisfied with this basket. I bought many baskets for our house. The older ones didn’t stay put, flimsy. But, this one is very well made, sturdy enough to put lots of laundries. Overall, I am very happy with this product and I would recommend this! They are great!

TJ & Olivia

Great versatility

This basket is made of a cotton rope material and is quite large.
The colors are very complementary for many styles because it is a neutral color. This would look really nice in a bohemian decor room or a bedroom or as storage in a kids room.
I am going to use this as a basket to hold a large plant in my living room. It is large enough to hold a monstera plant I have. I am at this point looking for a container to put inside of the basket to serve as a saucer to keep the basket from getting wet.
Great craftsmanship and beautiful product.

Hubba Bubba

Sturdy and Attractive

I bought this because my old laundry basket needed to go and this one look a bit smaller and more sturdy as well as being attractive. I was surprised that it is larger then I thought, I even measure before buying. The basket is well made, well sown and well structured. The to opening is slightly smaller then the base. It is a nice cream color on top and a light brown on the bottom. It comes flat and took a while to round out (is stuffed it and let it sit for a few days). The handles are well made and very useful. The basket gets heavy so having nice handles makes all the difference. I was also beyond impress with out much this holds. I have an outdoor blanket (twin sized), my weighted blanket (also twin sized) and a heavy winter blanket (queen sized) all inside and it just reaches the top. That is a lot! Beyond impressed with the quality and especially for this price.

Elysian Fields
  • Always elegant,always home

  • Always elegant,always home

  • Always elegant,always home

Always elegant,always home

Always elegant,always home

Always elegant,always home